Residents Slaughter Enormous Whale In Bayelsa Community

Residents Slaughter Enormous Whale In Bayelsa Community

Residents of the Okpoama community in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State have slaughtered a colossal whale that became stranded in their seaside community.

The whale measured approximately 15 meters in length, five meters in width, and stood at a height of about three meters.

According to reports from Vanguard, the whale was discovered dead on the beach by residents on Wednesday morning.

It is believed to have been washed ashore by the high tide the previous night and left stranded as the sea water receded during low tide.

Tarinyo Akono, a community resident and former state Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Bayelsa State Council, informed newsmen that the residents were in the process of butchering the whale.

They were using machetes, hacksaws, and axes to dismember the animal. Akono noted that the whale had died after being out of the water throughout the night.

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