Russia Has Informed The US That Ukraine Must Be Discussed As Part Of The Agenda For Their Upcoming Talks

Russia Has Informed The US That Ukraine Must Be Discussed As Part Of The Agenda For Their Upcoming Talks

On Friday, the Kremlin emphasized that Russia views the need for security discussions with the United States as urgent, emphasizing that they must be “comprehensive” and encompass the topic of Ukraine.

“It is impossible to rip out any individual segments from the general complex of accumulated problems, and we will not do this,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked if Moscow was ready to talk to Washington about nuclear risks.

“So, we are open to dialogue, but to a broad comprehensive dialogue that covers all dimensions, including the current dimension related to the conflict around Ukraine, related to the direct involvement of the USA in this conflict,” Peskov told reporters.

The United States dismisses Russia’s claim that providing arms to Ukraine makes it a direct participant in a conflict aimed at achieving a decisive “strategic defeat” of Moscow. According to the US, any negotiations regarding the war are Ukraine’s prerogative.

Peskov reiterated Russia’s stance, stating it’s not a new position but emphasizing that the list of topics requiring discussion between Russia and the United States is expanding.

“Overall, this dialogue is very much required,” Peskov said. “It is needed because problems are piling up, and there are a lot of problems associated with the global security architecture.”

According to Washington, Putin is exacerbating the list of security concerns in the third year of the Ukraine conflict.

Last week, Putin visited nuclear-armed North Korea, concluded a mutual defense pact with its leader Kim Jong Un, and suggested the possibility of supplying Russian weapons to North Korea in response to Western support for Ukraine.

Putin also restated on Thursday his contemplation of revising Russia’s doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons. The last remaining arms control treaty limiting the deployment of strategic nuclear warheads by Russia and the United States is set to expire in 2026.

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