Catwalk Catastrophes: The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

From Wardrobe Malfunctions to Embarrassing Stumbles, Get Ready to Gasp and Giggle at These Pageant Nightmares.


Step correct beautiful and grab your metaphorical front-row seat, because we’re diving into the top 10 beauty pageant fails that are guaranteed to make you laugh (or cringe) depending on your mood.

Beauty pageants, where grace, elegance, and poise are showcased, often serve as a platform for contestants to demonstrate not only their physical beauty but also their intelligence and talent.

However, even in these seemingly perfect environments, things can go hilariously wrong. From wardrobe malfunctions to jaw-dropping answers during the Q&A segment, here are the top 10 beauty pageant fails that left audiences in stitches and contestants red-faced.

The Infamous Crown Mix-Up (Miss Universe 2015)

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

Let’s kick off with perhaps the most notorious beauty pageant fail in history. During the Miss Universe 2015 competition, host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez, as the winner instead of the rightful Miss

Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach. The moment of realization, as Harvey awkwardly corrected his mistake, was excruciatingly painful to watch. The crown was unceremoniously transferred, leaving both contestants and the audience in utter shock.

Miss Teen USA 2007 – The Map Question

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

Who can forget the cringe-worthy moment when Miss Teen South Carolina, Caitlin Upton, was asked why many Americans couldn’t locate the U.S. on a world map? Her convoluted response about “U.S.

Americans” and “the Iraq” became an instant viral sensation. Despite the flub, Upton managed to finish third runner-up and later parlayed her fame into various TV appearances.

Miss Universe 2012 – The Trip and Fall

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

During the Miss Universe 2012 evening gown competition, Miss USA Olivia Culpo had a heart-stopping moment when she stumbled on her flowing dress.

Despite the fall, Culpo managed to recover with grace and ultimately won the title. Her stumble, however, remains a memorable reminder that even the most poised can have an off moment.

Miss Universe Canada 2013 – The Wrong Winner Announced

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

In a scenario eerily similar to the Miss Universe 2015 debacle, the Miss Universe Canada 2013 pageant crowned the wrong contestant. Denise

Garrido was announced as the winner, only for organizers to realize later that a clerical error had been made. Riza Santos, the true winner, had to wait a full day before she was rightfully crowned.

Miss Universe 1993 – The Swimsuit Slip

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

Arianna David, Miss Italy in the 1996 Miss Universe pageant, experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the swimsuit segment. Her swimsuit slipped, briefly exposing more than intended.

David handled the situation with remarkable poise, but the incident remains one of the most talked-about moments in pageant history.

Miss USA 2011 – Alyssa Campanella’s On-Stage Freeze

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011, experienced every contestant’s nightmare when she blanked out during the Q&A segment. Asked about the legalization of medical marijuana, Campanella’s

nerves got the best of her, and she fumbled through her response. Despite the blunder, she was crowned Miss USA, proving that even a major stumble can’t always derail a strong overall performance.

Miss Universe 2008 – The Tumble in Vietnam

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

During the Miss Universe 2008 competition held in Vietnam, Miss USA Crystle Stewart took a tumble in the evening gown segment. Stewart’s fall was particularly cringe-worthy because it was the

second consecutive year that Miss USA had fallen on stage (Rachel Smith fell in 2007). Stewart, however, handled the situation with remarkable composure, standing up and giving a graceful bow.

Miss Universe 2009 – The National Costume Mishap

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

In the Miss Universe 2009 competition, Miss Japan, Emiri Miyasaka, faced a backlash over her national costume, which was deemed too revealing and disrespectful by many in her home country. The costume, inspired by a traditional kimono but with a

short skirt and thigh-high boots, sparked a heated debate and forced Miyasaka to modify the outfit for the competition. The controversy highlighted the delicate balance pageant contestants must strike between cultural representation and modern fashion.

Miss Universe 2013 – The Stage Dive

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

Gabriela Isler of Venezuela, the Miss Universe 2013 winner, experienced a heart-stopping moment when a fellow contestant’s exuberant congratulations nearly knocked her off the stage.

As Isler was crowned, Miss Spain, Patricia Yurena Rodríguez, rushed to hug her and almost sent both of them toppling over. The near-accident was captured on live television, adding to the evening’s drama.

Miss World 1970 – The Women’s Liberation Protest

The 10 Most Cringe worthy Beauty Pageant Fails

The Miss World 1970 competition in London was interrupted by a major protest from women’s liberation activists. The protestors stormed the stage, throwing flour bombs and waving banners that decried the objectification of women.

The chaos forced the pageant to halt temporarily and left the contestants bewildered. The incident remains one of the most significant disruptions in pageant history and underscored the growing feminist movement of the era.

Beauty pageants are designed to celebrate grace, elegance, and intelligence, but they are not immune to human error and unpredictable mishaps. These top 10 beauty pageant fails remind us that even in the most polished environments, things can go hilariously awry.

Whether it’s a mistaken announcement, a wardrobe malfunction, or an awkward answer, these moments provide a dose of reality to the otherwise glamorous world of pageantry.

So, the next time you watch a beauty pageant, remember that behind the perfect smiles and stunning gowns, there’s always the possibility of an unforgettable, cringe-worthy fail.

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