‘The Iceman’ Wim Hof Faces Accusations Of Promoting ‘Dangerous’ Cold Water Therapy Following Several Deaths Reports


The 65-year-old, renowned for his ability to withstand extreme cold, has amassed a large following who believe in the method’s stress-reducing, immune-boosting, and potential therapeutic benefits for conditions like cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

Motivated by personal tragedy after his wife’s 1995 suicide due to schizophrenia, Hof embraced cold therapy as a means to cope. Despite its growing popularity, concerns have been raised about the risks associated with the practice. Critics argue that Hof has not adequately cautioned followers about these dangers.

The Sunday Times reported cases where individuals, including Kellie Poole, tragically died after attempting the method.

Poole collapsed and died in a Derbyshire river after participating in a cold water immersion class in April 2022. Her inquest revealed an undiagnosed heart condition, with cold water potentially contributing to her sudden death.

A report issued to prevent future deaths highlighted the risk of adverse physiological reactions to cold water immersion, underscoring concerns over the safety of practices inspired by Hof’s techniques.

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