Video: Filmmaker Funke Akindele Has Voiced Her Concern About Young Women Who Label Themselves As “Baddies” Without Demonstrating Intellectual Substance

Video: Filmmaker Funke Akindele Has Voiced Her Concern About Young Women Who Label Themselves As

During an interview on Arise TV, the acclaimed actress remarked: ‘’I enjoy watching beautiful content but you have to watch what you churn out. You need to focus on your brand, what you are selling, what you want people to learn from yo

“If you are an actor, a self-made person, you are big up there, what are you churning out for the up and coming ones? You must influence their lives positively with the content you churn out and for you that watch content, what are you watching?

“To be entertained or to learn? You don’t come there as a troll. No you don’t come in there to impress people. Because A is carrying designer bags and showing you on video, how sure are you that she is not borrowing the bag, that she is rich? Don’t believe everything on social media. Stay positive. Churn out what will promote you, that will push you out there positively

“I am so worried about these so-called baddies, a baddie without showcasing what you have up there? We need to know what you are doing, what positive content you are filming, what you are doing that people will be proud of.”

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