Video Footage Captures Three Women Assaulting Another Lady In Kogi Over Accusations Of Backbiting

Video Footage Captures Three Women Assaulting Another Lady In Kogi Over Accusations Of Backbiting

A video circulating on Facebook depicts three women assaulting another woman in a secluded area of Kogi State.

Omera Ugbede Opaluwa, who shared the video on Thursday, June 20, 2024, stated that the incident occurred in Ankpa Local Government Area of the state. According to Opaluwa, the women accused the victim of engaging in backbiting and spreading rumors about them. 

“They alleged that the victim has been backbiting them, feeding the people around of wrong information about them, accusing them of dating who they are not dating,” he said. “THIS VIOLENCE MUST STOP BY BRINGING THESE CULPRITS TO BOOK. I’m not just watching this video, take your time to read my words on this.

“Anytime I expose situations like this on social media, the idea is not to give us a bad name or expose us to public criticism but for authority to see and delve into it. I have become one of the voices from my state even before the advent of social media, I hate seeing helpless people being oppressed and swept under the carpet. What baffles me most is how one section of Igala has accused me of hating some parts of Igala land by exposing these things here.

“People should know that whenever I expose these kinds of bizarre treatments, there are always some people who beg me not to expose these kinds of things, even when I never listened to them because my conviction is stronger than their evil, I wait patiently for the day such people will be directly affected or their family members will be a victim of oppression to respond to them accordingly.

“Sometimes ago, we had some ladies from this same place being terribly attacked like this, and to my greatest surprise. There were a lot of people from this axis supporting the terrible treatment given to those girls accusing me of exposing their jungle justice, for those who do not understand the language spoken in the video. They alleged that the victim has been backbiting them, feeding the people around with wrong information about them, and accusing them of dating who they are not dating.

“The question that should be on every healthy human being’s lips should be even if all the allegations leveled against the victim are true, is this the best approach, taking laws into their hands to treat someone’s child this way? You will be surprised that some people from this axis will come under this post to support these actions, those who cannot comment openly even come into my inbox to rant or call me.

Watch via this link:

“It is okay to display such madness concerning my posts because I don’t discriminate against people following my page, it is open to both healthy and sick people, and as such all manners of reactions are expected because I don’t expect everybody to be normal here. I will put this here and watch even when I know that the best they can do is to come up with stories like they have settled them but I pray they will not kill someone’s family member someday like the era of Atakpo before they take proper actions. This is Ankpa local government of Kogi State.” 

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