What IS wrong with Biden? Britain’s top doctor gives his view as President’s ‘senior moments’ in key TV debate spark concern


Joe Biden‘s fitness to run for a second term is in question after ‘senior moments’ during last night ‘car crash’ TV debate sparked a wave of concern.


The President’s jumbled words and a general frail appearance put him in stark contrast to Republican hopeful Donald Trump, commentators said.

Now, there are reports that some Democrats are now calling for him to step out of the presidential contest altogether — a suggestion firmly rebutted by the Biden camp.

In what has become a much commented on moment of the TV debate, Biden produced a rambling response to a Medicare question.


He said: ‘We’ve been making sure we are able to make every single person eligible what I’ve been able to do with the Covid, excuse me, everything we have to do with…look… I finally beat Medicare…’ before trailing off. 


Professor Robert Howard, an expert in old age psychiatry at University College London, said: ‘Doctors can’t diagnose someone without examining them, but based on the footage of the debate I’ve watched, the freezing and rambling make me concerned that Biden struggles to maintain attention.

‘He’s fine 98 per cent of the time, but there are occasions when he appears to have lost his train of thoughts and others where he can’t stop himself from rambling.

‘These fluctuations and dips in attention are a key symptom of Parkinson’s.’

Parkinson’s is a condition in which nerve cells in the part of the brain responsible for producing a vital chemical called dopamine stop working properly.

Dopamine governs a range of functions including movement and attention, and while medication can help alleviate the symptoms, the illness is incurable and gradually worsens. 

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Dr Mike Smith, an NHS GP from Hertfordshire, said watching last night’s debate had left with only one conclusion as a health professional. 

‘It is beyond doubt he has cognitive impairment,’ he said. 

He described Biden as having telltale signs of the problem, which can be caused multiple neurological conditions.

‘He struggles to find the right word, he sometimes finishes a sentence with something that makes no sense for example his sentence on Medicare… he appears to have to concentrate very had to keep on topic.

‘Also his shuffling indicates there’s some locomotive issues there as well.’

Biden’s memory and ability to continue a points were also highlighted by the recent debate. 

At one moment, when singling US states restrictions on abortion, he confusingly pivoted to immigration and referred to a ‘young woman who was just murdered’ by an immigrant. 

Viewers claimed it was unclear what point he was trying to make.

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