‘Why Celebrating Davido And Chioma’s Wedding After Three Kids Yet Judge Others Who Fornicate And Want To Wed?’ – Actress Merit Gold

‘Why Celebrating Davido And Chioma's Wedding After Three Kids Yet Judge Others Who Fornicate And Want To Wed?’ - Actress Merit Gold

Nollywood actress Merit Gold has expressed disapproval towards Christians who are celebrating Davido and Chioma’s wedding despite the couple already having three children, while simultaneously condemning others who engage in premarital sex and desire to marry.

In a post she shared online, Merit emphasized the importance of securing financial stability before making life-altering decisions.

In another development, Comedian Deeone has criticized Chioma’s family for holding her traditional wedding to Davido in Lagos instead of Imo state, where they are originally from.

In a video shared online this morning, Deeone suggested that Igbo tradition seems to have two standards: one for the rich and another for the poor. He pointed out that Igbo marriage customs typically require the bride to have her traditional wedding in her village. However, because Davido is wealthy, Chioma’s family “bypassed” this tradition and held the wedding in Lagos.

He argued that if the bride were of lower socioeconomic status, her family would have insisted on holding the wedding in the village. Deeone also noted that hosting the wedding in the bride’s hometown would have provided economic benefits to the region, such as increased business for local hotels and vendors.

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