Woman Undergoes Extensive Surgical Makeover, Becomes Completely Unrecognizable

Woman Undergoes Extensive Surgical Makeover, Becomes Completely Unrecognizable

Named Katherine, she enlisted the services of Turkey-based Este Istanbul for her makeover.

The clinic delivered a series of procedures, as showcased on their Instagram page @esteistanbultr. They posted striking before-and-after photos of Katherine, highlighting significant changes post-surgery.

According to the clinic, Katherine underwent a nose job, jawline shaping, buccal fat removal, and a cheek lift, all aimed at achieving a more balanced appearance.

The post read: “To give our patient Katherine an aesthetic appearance in line with the golden ratio principle, we performed several surgical procedures.

“Firstly, we shaped the jawline to achieve a V-shaped contour. Following this, we performed revision rhinoplasty to refine the nose structure and harmonise it with the facial features.

“We conducted under-eye rejuvenation surgery to remove the tired and aged look around the eyes, giving her a more youthful and dynamic expression. To enhance the overall facial aesthetics, we performed a cheek lift.”

They added: “Finally, we executed buccal fat removal to eliminate excess fat in the cheeks, creating more defined and sharp facial contours. These combined surgical procedures resulted in a natural and aesthetically balanced appearance for our patient.”

Netizen’s Reactions

One user commented: “She’ll need a new passport and driver’s license,” while another remarked: “Her phone won’t unlock anymore.” A third quipped: “No need for all that explanation just say we removed the head and replaced it with a new one.”

Some commenters expressed concern; one wrote, “Downright scary… just imagine her husband wondering why their children look like someone else!”

Curiosity also abounded, with one person inquiring” “And the price for all this is???” While another asked: “Can you take after photos without the patient wearing makeup.”

Nostalgia for a less cosmetically-altered society was evident as well, as one commenter stated: “Can we please normalise looking normal or average again? Does everyone have to look like supermodels when it means changing their whole appearance 100%? This scares the sh*t out of me.”

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