A 30-Year-Old S*x Worker Was Fatally Strangled By A Hotel Guest During A $2,000 Encounter

A 30-Year-Old S*x Worker Was Fatally Strangled By A Hotel Guest During A $2,000 Encounter

A tragic incident occurred in Las Vegas, USA, where a 30-year-old prostitute named Larissa Garcia was strangled to death during a $2,000 hotel encounter with a client, an Army Veteran, who police say ‘snapped.’

The murder took place at the Palms Resort on June 12, with the suspect, Jason Kendall, 35, turning himself in to police on June 28. According to police reports, Kendall claimed that Larissa had requested additional payment, which led to him losing control.

He allegedly struck her and choked her for approximately ten minutes before engaging in s*xual activity with her. Afterward, he moved her away from the door and departed the scene.

Upon leaving the hotel, Kendall called the police to report a supposed overdose. He subsequently confessed to choking Garcia on June 12. Kendall is currently in custody without bail, facing charges of open murder, s*xual assault, and battery.

The incident came to light when an anonymous caller reported an overdose in a hotel room on the day of the murder. Hotel security found Garcia with a jaw injury upon responding to the call.

Despite initial concerns of an overdose, medical tests at Spring Valley Hospital revealed no presence of drugs or alcohol in her system, ruling out overdose as a cause of death. Medical staff suspected battery due to her injuries, which included signs of assault.

Garcia was declared brain dead and passed away at the hospital one week after the incident at the Palms. Police investigation later revealed that the hotel room had been reserved by Kendall. He was located at another hotel where he declined to provide information without legal counsel.

Further details emerged from surveillance footage showing Kendall meeting Garcia in the Palms lobby around 4 p.m. An hour later, Kendall was seen leaving the hotel alone.

Detectives also uncovered messages between Kendall and Garcia, along with evidence of Kendall viewing Garcia’s escort advertisements.

Garcia, described as a single mother of two by her friends, tragically lost her life in this incident. May she rest in peace.

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