Abuja Police: A Man Who Climbed A Mast During A Protest Is Undergoing Mental Evaluation

Abuja Police: A Man Who Climbed A Mast During A Protest Is Undergoing Mental Evaluation

Today, July 9, 2024, the FCT police command has referred Shuaibu Alhaji Yushau to the Social Development Secretariat (SDS) for a mental assessment and evaluation.

This action follows his troubling incident on Monday, July 8, 2024, when he climbed a tall broadband mast at ASO Radio in Katampe, Abuja, and allegedly attempted to end his own life, causing alarm among the public.

According to SP Josephine Adeh, spokesperson for the command, if the assessment confirms Yushau’s mental stability, he will face charges under sections 231, 111, and 114 of the Penal Code Act for attempted suicide, disturbing public peace, and incitement.

CP Benneth C. Igweh, the Commissioner of Police for FCT, has called on residents to uphold the law while advocating for their grievances to be addressed.

He emphasized that the police will not tolerate actions that threaten public order.

Yushau reportedly climbed the mast as a protest, demanding the reinstatement of fuel subsidies and improved security measures.

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