FINALLY! Supreme Court issues ruling on Donald Trump immunity


The President of the United States has immunity from prosecution for official acts in office, the Supreme Court ruled in a monumental decision with massive implications for presidential powers and the criminal cases against Donald Trump


The case centered on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump for allegedly masterminding efforts to overthrow the 2020 election while in office, including on January 6. 

The ex-president’s team argued that Trump, and any president, must have absolute immunity from prosecution over actions taken while in office or it could impair important decision-making. 

The 6-3 decision split along the court’s ideological lines ensures that Trump will not face another blockbuster trial before the November election with the case sent back to a lower court to determine what is considered his ‘official’ versus ‘unofficial’ acts.


‘The President enjoys no immunity for his unofficial acts, and not everything the President does is official. The President is not above the law,’ the justices led by Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority.

‘But under our system of separated powers, the President may not be prosecuted for exercising his core constitutional powers, and he is entitled to at least presumptive immunity from prosecution for his official acts. That immunity applies equally to all occupants of the Oval Office.’


Trump celebrated the decision, writing on Truth Social: ‘Big win for our constitution and democracy. Proud to be an American!’ 

Roberts wrote in the opinion that Trump is also ‘at least presumptively immune’ from the allegations related to the ‘pressure campaign’ on former Vice President Mike Pence regarding the certification of the 2020 vote. 

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In addition, Trump is ‘absolutely immune’ from alleged misconduct during discussions with the Justice Department. 

The Supreme Court’s historic ruling could also impact the two other ongoing criminal prosecutions against Trump – for his alleged mishandling of classified documents and for election subversion efforts in Georgia.

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