Hurricane Beryl predicted to rip through SIX US states


Hurricane Beryl is predicted to rip through six US states, according to one terrifying model.


The ferocious category five storm already left six people dead and caused significant damage after 165mph winds battered parts of the Caribbean.


Previous modelling suggested that the hurricane could skim Texas at the weekend.

Parts of the Lone Star State have since officially been added into the hurricane’s forecast cone by the National Hurricane Center, with locals in southern parts warned to brace for heavy rains and gusty winds from Monday.


However, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky could now also be swept up in the storm’s path, one model presented by hurricane expert Dr Levi Cowan shows.

At least five of the so-called spaghetti models now indicate the hurricane will lash the US. 

Spaghetti models are strands showing the potential path of tropical cyclones. 

For Beryl, most of the five models which impact the US show Texas in the firing line, but one additional path suggests Louisiana could see some impact too, with one possibility the storm sweeping all six states.

‘It’s really dependent on where the hurricane is launching from by the time we get to Friday if it’s coming off the Yucatan Peninsula far enough North, it may continue gaining latitude and threaten the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico, that could mean northern Mexico or Texas and the US Gulf Coast could be threatened,’ Dr Cowan said.

‘But if it crosses farther down say if it’s a weaker storm then it would likely continue West more into Eastern Mexico.’

Beryl’s path will be determined by the level of pressure over the southeast If this drops, it will allow the storm to move northwards potentially spelling disaster for the US.

Gulf Coast residents are being urged to keep an eye on the record-breaking storm, which is the earliest every category five hurricane ever in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Central American basin.

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