Indian Widow Advises: “If You Want To Marry Another Wife, Do It When Your Kids With Your First Wife Are Still Young”


Shirin Anthony, an Indian woman married to a Nigerian man, has suggested that men considering marrying more than one wife should do so while their children with the first wife are still young.

In 2022, Shirin publicly criticized Nigerians and also shared that her late husband was a highly respected and compassionate man who lived a good life.

However, she also alleged that Nigeria and his own people were responsible for his death.

 “My brother look if u wan marry another wife? Do it when ur kids with ur first wife are still young, e get why,” the 36-year-old Christian Indian wrote on Tuesday. 

“If to say ur child don grow finish n u marry another wife, my dear ur sons and daughters wont respect u. So better marry when they are young n spend time with ur kids to build strong relationship so that their mother wont cry to them saying papa na bad person. If u marry more than one wife make sure u explain to ur kids why so they don’t hate u based on what mama told them.” 

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