Kim Kardashian ‘mom-shames’ Khloe Kardashian AGAIN for calling her kids on holiday as their fight continues


Last week’s episode of The Kardashians saw Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian trade some nasty barbs as they continued to argue over their parenting style.

Their bickering crossed over into this week’s episode where they continued their Aspen trip, as tensions grew during a dinner out in Aspen.


While Kim was talking about how she was going to meet Gypsy Rose Blanchard after their trip, Khloe interrupted the whole conversation by calling her daughter True.

True asks Khloe where she is and Khloe says, ‘I’m at a restaurant,’ and True asks, ‘Why do you look so funny?’

‘I look funny? I’m wearing a furry hat,’ Khloe says, while Kim adds in confession, ‘Here we go again. She just is so stuck on what’s going on at home that she can’t have a good time.

‘We don’t get to do this very often anymore, it’s like really rare that we go on these family vacations and I just want like Khloe to like enjoy the dinner, enjoy the moment, be present with us.’

The rest of the family is clearly upset, as Kris tries to say, ‘Khloe we’re trying to…’ but Khloe says, ‘BABY’ somewhat loudly.


Kris says in confession, ‘OK, Khloe. I love you and I’m not gonna take sides… but Kim’s got a point. Get off your phone. We’re right here!’

Kris tries to expedite the process of getting Khloe off the phone, saying, ‘Bye, see ya! Gotta go, bye!’ but Khloe takes offense.

‘It’s… just because you don’t want to call your kids to say good night, I wanna call mine,’ Khloe says, as Kris retorts, ‘I’m with my kids.’

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Khloe says in confession, ‘Wait, I’m supposed to be more present but Kim hasn’t looked up from her phone the entire dinner. She’s scrolling Instagram. OK, I’ll be more present.’

Kris keeps saying, ‘Click, end,’ as Khloe finally concludes, “I love you, call your dada,’ before True hangs up on her mom, as Khloe turns to Kris and says, ‘What?’

‘We need you in this conversation,’ Kris says, and Khloe responds, ‘F**k off, OK?’ which turns the mood somber for the whole table.

Khloe adds in confession, ‘This is why I don’t like to leave the gates, because I just feel like I get attacked every f***ing second. Get off my f***ing d**k, immediately.’

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