Man Discusses Small Lifestyle Adjustments That Contributed To His Natural Weight Loss


A man embarked on his weight loss journey after a candid remark from his 3-year-old son about his size prompted him to act.

Jason Henriques recounted to that while playing on the dining room floor with his son Wyatt, then 3 years old, Wyatt innocently remarked, “When I get big like you, I want a big tummy like you.”

At 37 years old, Henriques was grappling with obesity that was significantly impacting his health. He battled asthma, allergies, herniated discs, torn ligaments in his knees, and gastrointestinal issues such as colitis, gastritis, and gallbladder problems.

His son’s comment served as a wake-up call for Henriques.

The following day, with Wyatt in a stroller, the father of three began taking long walks, covering 3 to 12 miles each day. As winter approached in Connecticut, he sought alternative ways to stay active after joining a gym and taking advantage of free personal training services. It was there that Henriques discovered rowing machines.

“I was used to walking, jogging, and cycling. Rowing was a change, and change is sometimes difficult,” Henriques shared with “But I loved it because it didn’t impact my joints like running or cycling did. I felt fantastic.”

Now 44, Henriques appreciates the balance that rowing and running bring to his fitness routine.

“Rowing complements running perfectly because it allows you to build endurance without the impact. And when you hit the pavement, you can use rowing to recover from your runs,” he explained.

Recently, Henriques completed a 48-mile rowing challenge, rowing 4 miles every four hours for 48 hours straight.

In his first year of focusing on his health, Henriques shed 160 pounds.

“I fell in love with the entire fitness world and how good I felt afterward,” he expressed.

In the subsequent years, his gastrointestinal issues subsided, joint pain disappeared, and allergies and asthma improved. While he continues to deal with herniated discs, core strengthening exercises, including rowing, have aided in building the necessary muscle to support his spine.

In addition to physical exercise, Henriques transformed his approach to food. Together with his wife, they removed junk food from their home. Using a food diary, Henriques identified foods that aggravated his gastrointestinal problems.

The family also began prioritizing the sourcing of their food, opting for fresh, local, and organic items despite the higher cost compared to processed foods he used to consume.

“I’m investing in my health now instead of having to spend money on healthcare later. I’m investing in the quality of my life,” he emphasized.

Through exercise and dietary management alone, Henriques not only lost weight and became more toned but also significantly improved his overall health.

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