Podcaster Brogan Garrit-Smith Suggests That Taylor Is Defying Societal Expectations And Appears Happier Than Ever

Podcaster Brogan Garrit-Smith Suggests That Taylor Is Defying Societal Expectations And Appears Happier Than Ever

In today’s Western society, there’s often an implication that a happy marriage and children are essential markers of success in life.

Unlike Taylor, who has chosen a different path, I meticulously followed society’s prescribed route. Yet, in moments of quiet reflection, I would hear my heart whispering to me, “This isn’t it; there’s more to life.”

Internal GPS

I believe each of us possesses an internal GPS guiding us continuously, drawing us toward the people and places meant for us. Yet, we’re often conditioned by societal norms of what life “should” look like, losing sight of what life is truly meant to feel like.

From an external perspective, my career was solid and goals were being checked off, suggesting I had it all. However, deep down, I wasn’t following my internal GPS.

Brogan realised she wasn’t following her internal GPS

In contrast, Taylor Swift epitomizes following one’s internal compass. Her journey underscores the power of self-determination and authenticity. She has forged an extraordinary career on her own terms and used her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart.

Taylor teaches her fans, regardless of age, that happiness and success can take various forms. Being recognized as the first billionaire musician, she demonstrates that a person’s worth and influence are not tied to marital status or parenthood. She emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and resilience.

Taylor Swift stands as a symbol of empowerment for young people everywhere, illustrating that the most fulfilling path is the one we carve for ourselves.

Consider this a reminder: deep within you, you already know your desires. Trust your instincts because they hold the answers. Discard society’s expectations, follow your own compass, and embrace the uniqueness of your journey.

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