The Family’s Home Set Ablaze When Their Dog Inadvertently Activated The Gas Cooker While They Were Asleep

The Family's Home Set Ablaze When Their Dog Inadvertently Activated The Gas Cooker While They Were Asleep

A family in Colorado Springs experienced a devastating house fire early Wednesday morning, July 3, when their dog accidentally turned on a burner, igniting boxes left on the stove while they slept.

The incident occurred around 4:45 a.m., triggering smoke alarms and a high heat alert from the family’s Apple HomePod.

Fortunately, the male homeowner managed to extinguish the flames before serious injuries occurred.

Upon arrival, Colorado Springs firefighters assisted the family and investigated the cause, reviewing home surveillance footage that revealed the startling sequence of events.

In the video, the dog is seen sniffing boxes on the stove, inadvertently pressing a burner knob, which quickly ignited the boxes.

“After reviewing home security footage and speaking with the homeowners, we determined that their dog, out of curiosity, accidentally activated the stove burner, which ignited the boxes,” explained Colorado Springs fire officials in a statement.

Although the male homeowner was treated for smoke inhalation at a hospital, there were no other injuries reported among family members or pets.

However, the fire caused significant damage to their home, rendering it uninhabitable.

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