Video: At Least 30 People Were Injured Flight Hit Turbulence, Sending Passengers Flying Out Of Their Seats With One Man Appearing To Have Gotten Stuck In The Overhead Bins


Passengers aboard Flight UX045 from Spain to Uruguay shared a chilling video depicting the damage and aftermath caused by severe turbulence.

One passenger uploaded a video on X showing a man trapped in the overhead luggage compartment. His feet were visible protruding from the compartment, apparently thrown up there by the turbulence. In the background, a group of people gathered to help pull him down, amidst the cries of a distressed baby.

Additional footage captured by passengers revealed ceiling panels ripped off due to the turbulence impact, dangling oxygen masks, and at least one severely damaged seat.

Air Europa reported that the flight, carrying 325 passengers en route to the Uruguayan capital, encountered turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean, necessitating an emergency landing in Natal, northeastern Brazil.

“The plane landed safely, and varying degrees of injuries reported are already being treated,” Air Europa stated in a release.

One passenger, identified as Norys, described enjoying his return flight from a European tour when the captain warned of turbulence, instructing passengers to remain seated and secure their seatbelts.

“Some time later, there was a very slight turbulence that was barely noticeable, and suddenly the plane sharply dropped, causing all of us to be thrown upwards,” Norys recounted to Uruguayan outlet El Observador.

“Those without seatbelts flew up, and some were left hanging from the ceiling,” he added.

Another passenger named Juan echoed similar sentiments, likening the experience to a “horror movie” and a brush with death.

“The feeling was one of sheer terror, as if you were falling endlessly,” Juan told El Observador. “You were fully aware of the free fall at an unimaginable speed. You felt like it was the end, like you were going to die.”

Uruguay’s Foreign Ministry reported that the injured passengers are receiving treatment at Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel Hospital in Natal, with arrangements being made for their return to Montevideo.

Air Europa announced plans for a new plane to depart from Madrid to pick up remaining passengers who did not opt for a bus ride back to Uruguay.

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