The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD Facts About Each Zodiac Signs

The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD Facts About Each Zodiac Signs
So often, we give things another face entirely; turning things upside down, we tend to stay in shadow to throw jabs. We judge afar and would never compromise our false beliefs or assumptions until …….

Being a gentle (wo)-man does not mean the person in question cannot flare up, a wicked man also has soft spot, he also has his good sides that people fail to appreciate because of excess hatred and hear-say.

Who would have thought that Scorpio- (as revengeful as s-he is) has the tendency to be a good leader? Yes! Find out more about other misunderstood facts about each zodiac signs, maybe you have to create space for them (some of those you have hatred for) in your heart.
The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD Facts About Each Zodiac Signs
They are not really who you think they are, it’s just that there are few things you have to unravel about them, then you will be in awe of them.


Libra- As peaceful, loving and generous you think they are, they are criminals: they appear most in gang crimes like bank robbery, gang raping. Usually, they are the ones that initiate the idea of crime.


Pisces- Loyalty and providing generosity is their trademark. They do really care for people. However, this does not rule out that they are against the truth and withdraw from reality. They lose their temper and even shed blood if they smell one.


Sagittarius- They are fun to be with, they are good listeners but this does not stop them from allowing anger to take over them even in the slightest thing, also they are the best liars of zodiac sign.


Leo- They make famous leaders; ambitious, full of energy and friendly but this does not stop them from being bossy; they are not really who they say or who you think they are. They commit crimes, not because they cannot do away with it but because they want to make a statement.


Aquarius- They are interesting, they are kind. However, this does not stop them from using people to get what they want be it position or revenge expertly. They are the best manipulators of zodiac signs.


Scorpio- They carry out crimes from their heart of hearts with so great intensity. Extremely aggressive; their scorpions’ venom are keenly felt emotionally. Cultists, hired assassins suit them well. Nevertheless, they are pleasing to watch and have admirers all over.


Aries- Aries embraces challenges and will never give up. They are with high current of motivation, very true to what they are doing and zealous. However, they boycott success, they hate to be ruled- they prefer to be the boss. They delight in finding shortcut to success, thus engage in unethical means. They are rebels becoming assassins.


Capricorn- They will commit crimes to make ends meet in which most of the times, they do not seem to get away with them. This does not stop them from making good leaders, good visionaries and goal getters. They are acquainted with success and achievement. They really pay more attention to work.


Taurus- They are stubborn and possessive, they maintain persistency in doing evils because it is hard for them to shift gears. However, They are reliable lovers and partners to achieve any goals with long duration. They are hardworking and strong- they do not wear out easily in all wise.
The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD Facts About Each Zodiac Signs

Gemini- Though Gemini likes to make friends, social, calm and never feeling timid in any circle of influence, they find themselves. Nevertheless, they are petty thieves that lack consistency and are not reliable. They delight committing crime - -stealing, pick pocketing.


Cancer- We know Cancer to be accommodating, good listeners, generous and being real in dealing with people, but do you know that they relax by committing crimes passionately? Yes! they have a stack character nature of crime.
The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD Facts About Each Zodiac Signs


Virgo- We know them to be a way-maker, they are empathetically wise, finding answers to questions and ever ready to provide a way for all and sundry. Nevertheless, they are expert hackers, hired assassins, and burglars. They are really green snakes under green grass.
The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD Facts About Each Zodiac Signs

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