7 Best Compliments For Introvert If You Want Them Happy


A lot of people have different assumptions and opinions when it comes to introverts. Some see them in a positive light while others don’t. Basically, they are often seen differently according to different people. The basic truth however, is that introverts are not as different or weird as you may think. They are just the same as everyone else, the only difference being that they are not as sociable as you might want them to be. Nonetheless, it would be unfair to make judgements concerning introverts unless you get to know them first.

They process things on a deeper level and react to situations and words differently. You would not want to get on the bad side of an introvert by saying or doing the wrong thing. To this effect, here are compliments that make an introvert happy.

You Are So Smart

Let’s face it. Everyone loves being told that they are smart, but more so an introvert. When you see an introvert do something or say something they would ordinarily not say or do, do not hold the compliment back. Give it to them. I’m sure they deserve it. Because of their quiet nature, they mostly spend time reading books or doing something that is more enlightening for them, and because of this, they are usually smarter than they look. Perhaps they got you impressed with their impressive math skills or broad knowledge of rocks, history or something else, don’t hesitate to compliment them on how knowledgeable they are. It would surely brighten up their spirits.

7 Best Compliments For Introvert If You Want Them Happy

I Love Spending Time With You

It is not a new knowledge that introverts love being on their own. Most times, it is because they lack the courage and skills to start up a conversation or make new friends. To avoid being embarrassed, they would rather keep to themselves. Other times, they stay on their own to avoid making a fool of themselves or being misunderstood. Despite all these, they make great friends and company. If you love being around an introvert, tell them so. It will make them feel special and also help them with the knowledge that they can actually make an impact on someone. This will also make them realize that you actually enjoy their company because of what they can learn from you. This works wonders for their self esteem.

You Are So Talented

Remember that an introvert does not like being the center of attention. They would rather retreat into the shadows that be in the limelight. When you want to appreciate them or what they do, be honest about it. It would be greatly unfair to do so when you only hope to get something else in return. Introverts usually have spectacular talents and skills. Their quiet nature makes it hard for them to be noticed. When you do notice these skills, applaud them for it, and mean it. It will make them feel relevant too.

7 Best Compliments For Introvert If You Want Them Happy

I Appreciate All The Things You Do

A simple thank you goes a long way to make anyone’s day. But saying thank you is quite different from being appreciating. You may not say thank you to an introvert when they do nice things for you, but letting them know you appreciate the effort or even saying it to them, makes them happy. It means they are not invisible after all. When you say how much you appreciate their efforts, it shows how important they are to you, and trust me, they will never forget that.

You Are Special

Being told you are a special person bring a feeling of contentment and deep satisfaction that is unmatched by any other compliment. Complimenting an introvert and telling them they are special brings a surge of happiness you cannot imagine. To them, it means they are different from everyone else, the good different, not the bad one. To them it means there is something they have that is unique only to them. Tell an introvert how special they are to you, and you’ve got yourself a loyal friend.

7 Best Compliments For Introvert If You Want Them Happy
7 Best Compliments For Introvert If You Want Them Happy
7 Best Compliments For Introvert If You Want Them Happy
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