5 Things Lovers Will Do If They Are No Longer Interested In You


Lovers who are no longer enjoying the romantic life they share with you will exhibit some new traits that will be discussed below, it does not matter if they have a side-chick or another love partner. Many people would say if your lover is acting weird with you and not flowing, then they have a new person in their life, as much as this is true, it is not always true. They might not be into another person yet, but still want to crap the relationship they have with you. Some are reluctant to tell you point-black about the new decision they make concerning the relationship they keep with you, so they act it out, instead of voicing it out.

It could be that the reason why they don’t tell you right away about the new decision is because they want to be sure if they are making a good decision about it. So, they are still watching the situation closely, they want to make sure they are not making a grave mistake, so they want to know.

Regardless, a smart lover would take note of new development that is taking place in their partner, and sit right where need be, and better still, creates a good time to hold heart-to-heart conversation, to smoothen tension and reach a compromise, whatever the case may be.

It is better to see it coming, than receiving the shock of your life in an unpleasant way. Read on to learn those things you need to know the heart of your lover, sometimes, what they say is different from what they do. At a given time in any relationship, it is no longer about profession [what they tell you], but the action they exhibit. There is need to pay attention to what they do, much more than what they say.

5 Things Lovers Will Do If They Are No Longer Interested In You

In this article, we won’t talk about the very obvious signs a lover would do to terminate their romantic relationship, let’s say ‘Ignoring phone calls/chats/SMS’, ‘Quality time Strike’, ‘Less Compliment/Appreciation’, ‘Meting out anger/hatred on partner’, ‘Giving Excuses & Avoiding Explanations’, and few others. Rather, we would be telling you the rarest behaviours of a lover who is seemingly not taking interest in you, anymore.

Below Are The Rarest Behaviours Your Partner Shows That Tell They Want Out

1. Dark Eye Contacts 

As strange as it may be, the person considering break up would keep eye contacts [more than one in a meeting]with their partner, a dark one though. They feel like saying ‘I want out’ but no courage to do that yet. Looking at your smiling face and do a ‘sigh’, thinking how would they handle it, thinking about how your smiling face would soil up with tears and mucus. They look at you, unconsciously, sometimes you will notice it but you could never think what they are thinking for you in their minds. They keep eye contacts when they are in love, they also keep eye contacts when they want to opt out too.

2. Less Talk, Less Contribution

At a time like this, they would offer less at the decision-making table, no input, no more energy that do sparkles on their face while contributing to the cause at hand. Also, they don’t bring matter to you, and if at all you take matter to them, after talking about it in few lines, they would not follow up, to ask about the aftermath of the discussion you held, not until you revert back to them. They are losing interest in you, the bond you once shared is thinning already.

5 Things Lovers Will Do If They Are No Longer Interested In You

3. Deprivation Of Romantic Touches

Not even about sex this time around: You both have been enjoying giving yourself kiss, pat, hair massage, holding hands, hugging and few others, but nowadays, things are not how they used to be, you no longer enjoy touching her romantically, because of the cold face and gesture you will get in return

4. Constantly, They Slide Into Mood Swing

Some would still give you the benefit of quality time, they would still call to meet with you, however, don’t dwell on it and take note of their presence when you meet one another. At first, they may be full of spirit, being with you. Before you could go deeper in the positive vibe mood, they put on another face that is stressing. Ask them what the matter is, the answer you’ll get is “nothing”. Often, they get lost in thought while with you, many things on-going in their minnd about what you share, that is now fading away. Maybe it is not their fault, they can’t help the situation too. It’s just that they no longer feel what they felt for you.

It is pertinent to say here that not all exhibits this attitude, however, it is bound to take place.

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5. They Would Rather Come To You Than You Coming To Them

Isn’t it funny? They don’t want you close in their environment again, they would turn down your chances to meet them in their house or a friend’s and would make it up with you by coming down to your place. Maybe they don’t want people to see you two together again, maybe. They are trying not to involve you again in their emotional and familar environment, no more close ties with people on their sides. They are trying to keep privacy and set the tow line, but a carefree lover wouldn’t know this, then your once open-love relationship is becoming a secret affair. Isn’t this true?

5 Things Lovers Will Do If They Are No Longer Interested In You

If your partner does any of the 4 itemised points above, with the regular ‘I no longer care attitudes: Ignoring phone calls/chats/SMS, Quality time Strike, Less Compliment/Appreciation,…. as talked about earlier, then they are waving you good-bye already. However it is still not totally over for you if you observe them, let’s say you observe them at the earliest possible time, you can sit your partner down, talk about the recent changes about them you discovered, handle the case carefully, with maturity [be you male or female], talk things through, at the end of everything, it is either you have a mutual agreement to walk away from one another or to have a safe landing as you both try correcting each other’s wrongs for a better love’s experiences. So, don’t assume totally, try one more time and air your doubts and concerns.

Thank you.

5 Things Lovers Will Do If They Are No Longer Interested In You
5 Things Lovers Will Do If They Are No Longer Interested In You
5 Things Lovers Will Do If They Are No Longer Interested In You
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