Why Was Meghan Markle’s Ridiculed for Her Dark Skin?


Why Was Meghan Markle’s Ridiculed for Her Dark Skin?

Reacting to
the questions, Jean-Marie Valheur who is a Political Aficionado &
Former Journalist answered:

“She was ridiculed for pretending her dark
skin was such a big deal when it really wasn’t part of the conversation at
all. Meghan Markle is,
at best, about a quarter black. Her mother, Doria Ragland, is not fully black
herself. Her father is a white man. She has a similar admixture to Halsey, a
singer often assumed to be white.

“Just have a
look at her son — he’s a pale boy, having inherited his father’s ginger hair
and pale complexion. Meghan Markle pretended her baby’s color was some enormous
big deal. She acts as if every time Queen Elizabeth sees the baby, she sees a
little African boy. Which, by the way, couldn’t possibly be shocking to a woman
who is the head of a Commonwealth of nations, the vast majority of which
consists of darker-skinned people.

“The way
Meghan and Harry make the whole thing seem, the British royals never so much as
saw a single black person. Hell, the Queen’s very own sister Prince Margaret
used to date a black musician from Grenada by the name of Leslie Hutchison.

“Like Meghan,
Leslie was also partially white with some black ancestry. This whole thing
isn’t some sort of huge scandal — the Queen’s own uncle had to abdicate the
throne once for having married a divorcée from America. He was also rumored to
have been bisexual and a Nazi-sympathizer to boot! Meanwhile, Margaret really
‘got around’ and was quite shameless about the fact. By comparison, who even is
this ‘Meghan’ lady from American, I wonder. Nothing but a drop in a wild stormy
ocean’s storied history.

Why Was Meghan Markle’s Ridiculed for Her Dark Skin?

“Truth is?
The British royal family has survived scandals far bigger than this. And
British royals have dated, slept with, befriended and fought with quite a few
‘people of color’ long before Meghan was even born. She’s nowhere near as
‘unique’ or ‘groundbreaking’ as she thinks she is, and her manufactured
controversy is just make-belief and a lot of twisting facts around. No wonder the
Queen herself said: “’ Her re-collections are a bit different”. The polite way of
saying: ‘Zip it, your attention whore.’

“So now we’re acting as if somehow poor little Meghan Markle and her
almost painfully pale, beautiful little boy, are the worst or the most
scandalous thing ever to ever happen to the Royal Family? Ha! Give me a break.
I have never seen ridicule aimed at the
colour of her skin. I have seen scorn and dislike aimed at the content of her
character. I’m in the U.K. and I don’t know anyone here that thought Meghan was
black. I assumed she was white, maybe a little Hispanic. Once she told everyone
she was actually black, the immediate response in the U.K. was massive. Literally, no one cared. Maybe Meghan was upset because, raised with American ideas about
race, she thought her big reveal would be shocking and create plenty of drama
and attention for her to revel in.”

Others answered:

Cas Tull

I have never
seen a thing written about her skin colour! I think it’s she who has a hang up
about it, if she is proud of 1/4 black genes why did she always put Caucasian
on her profile, then changed it when she met Harry, why do this, very strange.

Peter Ned

Meghan Markle
is ridiculed for pretending to be a victim, and for presenting a ridiculous
pigmentation-based victimhood story. Not because of her dark skin, which isn’t
actually that dark.

Nicky Shearer-Technologist

She wasn’t. I
can’t see any evidence that she has been. It doesn’t not seem credible that she
would be when she actually doesn’t have dark skin. The entire controversy
around Meghan seems to emanate entirely from Meghan well after the wedding. She
certainly seemed to be accepted by the British public as a wife for Harry (we
got past American divorcees and commoners being an issue decade ago) there was
no controversy at all then. She seems to be making herself less popular every
time she makes a public comment.


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