What Happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s Career?

What Happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s Career?

She is fading away because her star was primarily the result of some very prescient career choices made at a specific point in time. She could get it back, but she has to take a hard look at her career and start focusing on working on quality movies.

It is as if it’s going into extinction. Why? Because Jennifer Lawrence had a system, and that system is over now. But while it lasted, it was one of the best systems I have ever seen. Let’s take a look at her IMDB page to see the system in action:

X-Men: First Class (2011), The Hunger Games (2012), Silver Linings Playbook (2012), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), American Hustle (2013), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (2015), Joy (2015), X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019).

While it lasted, this was a perfect system. It was an easy system. By the end, she was on autopilot because it was so easy. Throughout the first half of the 2010’s, Jennifer Lawrence alternated between three career tent poles. She would do an X-Men movie where she was the star of an ensemble cast. She would do a Hunger Games movie where she was simply the star. She would do a David O. Russell movie which would keep her in critical acclaim and an awards darling.

Doing two different franchises netted her a lot of money, a lot of fame, and a lot of fans. But doing the Russell movies ensured that she would always be treated as a serious actress. And as long as the system lasted, she didn’t have to put much thought into her career. While she did other movies in between these films, she always knew what her big next step was going to be.

But then the X-Men movies’ quality started deteriorating. The Hunger Games ran out of material. And Joy was… not well received, with Russell not doing any movies since.

Once the system broke down after 2016, she suddenly was in the position where she would have to pick her projects again. And she did not pick well. Passengers, Red Sparrow, and mother! were all, in their own ways, disasters. She lost her critical acclaim. She wasn’t maintaining her fan base. Her career floundered.

Reacting to the question, others replied:

Just Dan

Nothing out of the ordinary. But whatever. It’s incredibly silly to write her off. Actors have always wandered in and out of the zeitgeist. Good actors (and she is one of the best) do that. They call it “resting the brand” and it’s important. Some artists do that and never come back. Some can leave and return at will: James Cameron, Daft Punk, Haruki Murakami and Daniel Day-Lewis (yes, BEFORE he retired). If Jennifer Lawrence went away and never came back, I’d be okay with that. I hated what she did to Mystique (an anti-hero who should have had her own film).

 Siri Venkat-Ardent movie watcher

Some people say that Jennifer Lawrence's career is getting ruined due to her Anti-Trump stance but so does 90% of Hollywood. Some of them even blame her leaked private pics. but the fans actually stood behind her and condemned the ones who leaked it despite the fact that Vanessa Hudgens career was ruined because of one photo.

Christopher Jones

The Sony hack explains everything; She wasn’t paid a lot, was a young actress and was tied into multi-film deals. Hunger Games was her big breakout, and during this period she blew up. The X-men films did okay, not Marvel numbers but well. She was the star of it, in the same way, that Hugh Jackman was the star of the previous X men films, however, while the films did okay numbers they didn’t overperform. The salary she now demands is much higher and she just doesn’t have the draw or social media reach.

Neil-Theatre and Film Technician

I think the answer is people got tired of her public persona. When she first got big, people loved her. She was cute and quirky and fun. Remember when she tripped at the Oscars? She was relatable and in many ways a breath of fresh air. When she started out she was so unlike the majority of other leading actresses. She would talk about how much she loved not only food but junk food. She made sure everybody knew that she loves pizza.

Mitra Pourmand-Master Law & International Law and Legal Institutions

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For a number of reasons: 1) Harvey Weinstein’s scandal; she kept working for this sexual predator and even had the gall to praise him in public. That didn’t go well with the public. 2) She was either in big budget super hero movies or was in one of Russell’s movies. Her mystique was frankly miserable and hunger games was basically a very stupid franchise. Which left her good movies to be one of Russell’s. 3) Her public persona is disrespectful. Yeah remember the whole sacred rock accident? People don’t like rude abrasive individuals they tend to shun them. 4) She is not a very good actress. I know that she’s won the academy awards but her acting is repetitive and becomes tiresome after a few movies I really didn’t like her in either Mother or Joy. And neither of those movies were well received by critics either, and her other projects were simply very, very bad (Red sparrow and passengers).

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