What is the Coolest Thing That Happened Behind the Scenes of a TV-Show?

What is the Coolest Thing That Happened Behind the Scenes of a TV-Show?

The TV show behind the scenes is indeed the movie, Game of Thrones. Queen Elizabeth once visited the Game of Thrones set. She was shown all the costumes, the weapons, and all the material used for the show.

However, she knew very little about the series, because she knows very little about popular culture in general, an example being the fact that there is this video where the Queen asks Jimmy Page if he plays guitar. (Jimmy Page is the Led Zeppelin guitarist and is one of the best guitarists in history).

So, already the idea that the Queen visits a set of a show is something unusual, plus think that this series is about the obsession with having control of a throne then the story is incredible, almost comical I would say.

While touring the set: Kit Harrington, one of the main actors of the series, asked the Queen if she would like to sit on the Iron Throne.

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The answer to the question by the Queen’s guard was: “The monarch of the United Kingdom is not allowed to sit on a foreign throne, real or fictitious.”


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