Why Did Actor Michael Keaton Change His Last Name?


Why Did Actor Michael Keaton Change His Last Name?

You know, everyone is entitled to his or her
opinion. Nevertheless, the answer to the above question is not farfetched.

At First, his birth name was Michael J.
Douglas. Meanwhile, SAG-AFTRA says two actors can’t share the same stage name.
So to avoid other Personalities-Michael Douglas
the Actor or Mike Douglas the Daytime Host
-being confused with, he picked KEATON out of the phone book.

One had not to be confused or judgmental. Like I
said earlier, each one has the fundamental right to change his/her name to what
deems fit in his/her eyes. But note that this is not unprecedented.

For instance, David Tennant took his stage
name because there was already another David McDonald in Actors Equity and
Tennant was a Pet Shop Boys fan. After Doctor Who, he came to the US and SAG
actually made him change his legal name.


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