How Is It That Marisa Tomei Looks Like She Is 30 When She Is Actually 52?


How Is It That Marisa Tomei Looks Like She Is 30 When She Is Actually 52?

It says 52 years old on Marisa
Tomei’s driver’s license, but she certainly doesn’t look it. Now, she’s dishing
on her secrets to staying young.

Her main secret is good
old-fashioned eating healthy. She told Vogue that it’s an
“inside-out thing.”

“By that, I mean what you
put into your body is even more crucial than what you’re doing in terms of your
exterior. What I eat and how I connect with my body feed my external,” she
told the mag. “In terms of brass tacks, I try to eat seasonal, local, and
organic foods as much as possible, almost all the time. A moving meditation, like
dance meditation, makes me feel at home in my skin; it helps me on a spiritual,
mental, and, ultimately, physical level. I still hike and do calisthenics and
yoga from time to time, but the cornerstone of it all is the inner stuff.”

She also uses infrared saunas
for detoxing. In fact, she’s somewhat obsessed with the procedure.

“It heats up the body
from the inside out, so I get a lot of energy afterward and I feel so light. It
gets rid of any poisons, especially if I had to take medicine or had a lot of
sugar or alcohol,” she said. “It’s a great place to be in and do
meditation, too. Multitasking! I don’t believe in tricks or even a routine; I
listen to what my body wants me to do and follow suit. I’m just trying to keep
it together like everybody else!”

As for the outer part of her
“inside-out” theory, the actress said she uses Persephenie
moisturizer, but relies on Cetaphil to clean her skin.

“Infrared saunas are
really good for your skin, too. I also use a dry round brush before I
shower,” she said. “I brush my skin really lightly in the direction
of my heart—it’s an ancient Ayurvedic thing that keeps your lymph glands moving
and makes your skin smooth on your body. I try to let my look be all about the


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