Meghan Markle’s Companion At Prince Harry’s Polo Match Revealed


Meghan Markle's Companion At Prince Harry's Polo Match Revealed

Mum-of-two Meghan, however,
took someone very special with her to the polo match event, her best friend of
several years, Markus Anderson.

The two friends were pictured
during the day out, and photos showed them sitting together, alongside Delfina,
whilst attentively watching the match.

Meghan and Markus have been friends for years

Meghan and Markus have been friends for years

Meghan and Markus, the
Director of Soho House, have been friends for years and Markus has been by the
Duchess’ side on very big life events.

When she finally made her
relationship public with Prince Harry at the Toronto Invictus Games, Markus was
by her side. He also attended her wedding in Windsor and hosted the couple in
Amsterdam back in 2018, when Soho House opened a new hotel in the city.

Markus was by Meghan's side at Harry's Toronto Invictus Games

Markus was by Meghan’s side at Harry’s Toronto Invictus Games

“Thrilled to be riding
alongside my friend, Prince Harry, and the rest of the Los Padres team at the
@santabarbarapoloclub’s Harry East Memorial Tournament,” he captioned a
picture of their team, Los Padres.

“We’ve ridden together
many times over the years and now that we’re both parents, it’s extra special
to be able to spend this time together.”

He added: “The name Los
Padres was inspired by the proximity of the field to the Los Padres National
Forest and also by our connection as fathers.”


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