Billi Mucklow to go ahead and marry footballer Andy Carroll this Saturday despite family telling her not to, after he was pictured in bed with another woman days before their wedding


Billi Mucklow to go ahead and marry footballer Andy Carroll this Saturday despite family telling her not to, after he was pictured in bed with another woman days before their wedding

Reality star, Billi Mucklow will go ahead and marry her fiancé, footballer Andy Carroll on Saturday despite being reportedly urged to postpone their big day after he was pictured in bed with another woman in Dubai days before their wedding.

According to The Sun, the former TOWIE star, 34, has agreed to carry on with her wedding to the footballer, 33, following crisis talks.

A source said: ‘Billi has been utterly humiliated by Andy but deep down she still loves him. A number of her friends and some of her family have said she should postpone the wedding but Billi’s mind is made up now.

‘She has been doing a lot of soul-searching and has chosen to go ahead. The wedding is in just two days — everything is booked and their guests are all ready to go.

‘She believes nothing happened in Dubai and just wants to put a brave face on it and move on.’

The insider added that while not everyone thinks she has made the right decision, her friends and family are supporting her.

This comes after Billi was spotted without her engagement ring while out shopping with her mother on Tuesday.

Bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkey, 27, who ended up in bed with Andy just days before his wedding claimed the footballer used a ‘basic chat-up line’ on her and was a complete ‘gentleman’ at nightclub hostpot The Avenue Dubai.

Taylor also claimed she didn’t know he was engaged but insisted their encounter was ‘innocent’ and ‘nothing happened’, as more details from the night out emerge.

Taylor told the Sun: ‘It was an amazing day, the booze was flowing and Andy seemed to be having a great time.

‘He came over to chat to us and asked what we did, he seemed nice, a gentleman.

‘But at no point did anyone mention it was a stag do, we were told it was a lads’ holiday. I didn’t know he was getting married.’

Taylor and fitness instructor Phoebe Robb, also 27, were taken back to Andy’s luxurious hotel suite at Fairmont the Palm.

The next day, she shared photos of her laying in bed with the footballer and wearing his hotel bathrobe after a 17-hour day with him and his pals.

Tailor later detailed the boozy night with the West Bromwich striker and claimed that she and her pals were not told Andy was on his stag-do.

Taylor, who works in Dubai as a bar manager at a high-end hotel, described her time with Andy as ‘really boozy’ and said the striker was ‘steaming drunk’.

Reflecting on the night, Taylor said they arrived at The Avenue Dubai, a nightclub in the Shangri-La Hotel, at around 1am and headed to the VIP area, where Andy had booked a table.

She said they all had shots of Grey Goose vodka before Andy danced around with underwear on his head, while one of his friends fell off a chair and through a false wall.

‘I remember Andy dancing around with the waistband from a pair of Calvin Kleins on his head and the DJ kept giving him a shout-out,’ she added.

She said she saw the footballer and his friends spend around £30,000, where Andy drunk at least 20 rounds of vodka, 10 glasses of sangria, and 10 shots of Jägermeister and Grey Goose vodka.

But Taylor insisted that the night was just ‘innocent fun’ and apologised to Andy’s fiancée Billi for the ‘mess’.

Speaking about the photograph of herself in a bed with Andy, Taylor insisted ‘nothing sexual’ happened between them and expressed her embarrassment for passing out on the bed.

Taylor, who claimed the pictures were leaked on Snapchat after she sent them to her friends back, said she has done nothing wrong and added that Andy was too drunk for anything to have happened between them.

‘He didn’t try anything – and even if he had wanted to, he was too drunk,’ she said.

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