Was Queen Elizabeth II Taking Tea With Paddington Bear the Best Part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations?


Was Queen Elizabeth II Taking Tea With Paddington Bear the Best Part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations?

This weekend was special for
Queen Elizabeth II; wondering why? Because she officially celebrated her 70th
year as the Monarch of the United Kingdom. At the age of 25, she ascended the
British throne and 70 years later, she still remains as spirited as she was
when she started out! To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, the
Monarch decided to show a side of her that we have not seen much before – her
foodie side! The Queen was spotted sneaking out a sandwich from her bag. Sounds
quite unlike the Royal decorum, right?!

Queen Elizabeth II shot a
video for her fans and followers where she was having a tea party with one of the
most iconic British characters, Paddington Bear. The video was recorded in
honour of her Platinum Jubilee and was broadcasted during the festivities. It
was shared by the official YouTube channel of the Royal Family and the video
has garnered two million views, along with 45k likes. It has also gone viral on
Twitter and Instagram.

In the video, we could see
Paddington Bear and Queen Elizabeth II having a proper English tea. As we all
know, tea time is incomplete without a quick snack; therefore, Paddington Bear
offered the Monarch a delicious marmalade sandwich. “Perhaps you’d like a
marmalade sandwich? I always keep one for emergencies,” said the bear as
he took out a full sandwich from his hat! To this the Queen replied, “so
do I”. And she took out a marmalade sandwich right from her purse.

Such a candid act by the Queen
instantly impressed people on the internet! Just like us, even the Queen likes
to snack ever so often. That’s not all. Her hack for keeping snacks for
emergencies has inspired us as well!

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