5 Things to do for your husband everyday


2. Encourage him

A man will experience ebb and flow, in his difficult days, be the one that will sharpen his countenance. Tell him you are lucky to have him in your life, say to him: “I know you are trying – thanks for everything.” A sane man will not let those words enter his head, rather those words will spur him on to do more and better.

You are also encouraging him when you tell him “he looks great…he smells nice.” He is making efforts to look good on you, and you will leave a great impression on him when you notice his efforts and commend him.

3. Feed him

A hungry man is an angry man. He needs you to feed him well, as strange as it may sound, this is one of the things that makes your man feel at home, really. Food has been a conspiracy, the male gender can never get over it. When you touch the bowel of a man, you will touch his heart easily.

It is not good to starve your husband with food, your delicious meal is the enchantment that hurries his feet towards the direction of your home. It can keep him away from keeping unnecessary late nights with his friends. It makes a man unfortunate when you wouldn’t give him food to eat, it gets to him easily.

4. Don’t deny him sex

I find it hard to include this option here, but it worth mentioning. Since we are talking about things to do for your husband everyday, you might not want to do it everyday, and maybe your man does not want it every day too.

But in another thought, you as a woman can love to have it everyday, even more, your husband might want it everyday too. Regardless, of your type of person, reach a common ground with your husband. Make your decision keeping the thoughts of each other in mind; it is very true that he owns your body, and you also own his body too. Depending on your agreement with him, don’t deny him when he comes knocking.

5. Talk More

5 Things to do for your husband everyday

Talk to your husband every day, tell him things – you are to be gist his partner. There should always be something to talk about. Share your thoughts and discuss together. Tell him how your day went, ask him about his day.

Tell him about your plans, discuss your fears with him. Engage him and never lose track of communication for whatever reason. One of the essential things that makes you two stronger and closer is when you rub minds together: don’t just rub bodies together, rub minds together too and you will get to know more about each other, you will learn more about particular situation and you will also want to trust one another the more.

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