Russian Commanders Face Mutiny as Entire Regiment Refuses to Fight


Russian Commanders Face Mutiny as Entire Regiment Refuses to Fight

Russian commanders are facing
large-scale mutiny as at least one more regiment has again refused to
fight and Moscow is losing more ground than it is gaining for the first time.

Spooks from Moscow’s feared
GRU and FSB intelligence agencies are trying to quell a rebellion by
soldiers of the 127th Regiment of the First Army Corps for a second time.

Some of the ringleaders of the
dispute over pay and horrific conditions, such as water and food shortages, are
known to have disappeared after being interrogated.

And Russian mercenaries from
the notorious Wagner Group have been reduced to trying to recruit violent
convicts for the frontline to fill gaps left by a mounting death toll.

Moscow’s 127th Regiment
refused to fight a battle near the city of Kherson because they were left
without water and pay ahead of a long-awaited Ukrainian offensive.

The same unit – involving hundreds of soldiers -refused to fight in July
and was already being investigated by FSB spies for objecting to the war
in Ukraine.

It comes as Ukraine’s
intelligence analysts believe as many as 50,000 Russian troops have been killed
and losses are mounting after a major push by Ukraine’s military.

Wagner Group commanders were
already trawling some of Russia’s most notorious prisons, offering
clemency to murderers to sign up to fight in Ukraine for six months.

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