Putin Limps Across the Room as He Observes Major Russian War Games


Putin Limps Across the Room as He Observes Major Russian War Games

Russian President Vladimir
Putin appeared to walk with a limp as he attended Russia’s major Vostok
war games on Tuesday, raising fresh doubts over his health, Daily Mail

The Russian leader, 69,
observed the major military exercises from inside a command post while sitting
next to his defense minister Sergei Shoigu who is said to have been ‘sidelined’
by Putin due to Russia’s heavy losses in Ukraine.

As Putin arrived at the
command post at the Sergeyevsky training range in Russia’s the Far East, he
appeared to be walking with a limp when he crossed the room to watch the war
games, Daily Mail reported.

Video shows Putin walking
stiffly across the room and he appears to hesitate before stepping down to
reach a set of chairs.

It comes just a day after
Putin’s legs were seen twitching uncontrollably while giving a rambling speech
in front of young Russians, Daily Mail reported.

Questions about Putin’s health
have been circulating for some time in Russia with some suggesting he has
cancer or Parkinson’s and he has regularly disappeared for days at a time amid
claims he is undergoing surgery.

The rumors gained such
traction that the Kremlin was forced to go on record and deny them, with Putin
spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisting the Russian leader was in ‘excellent health
and any rumor to the contrary was ‘complete nonsense’.


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