Shame as Harry Wore Torn Cloth and Meghan Wore Rumpled Pants at London Visit


Shame as Harry Wore Torn Cloth and Meghan Wore Rumpled Pants

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been pictured going into a side entrance of London Euston today as they take the train up to Manchester for the One Young World summit, where the Duchess gave a keynote speech. 

And though the outing was a major moment, photos emerged, instead of complimenting the couple on their joyful smiles, some took the pictures as an invitation to shame Harry & Markle for their outfit.

The Duchess was pictured wearing rumpled jeans, while Prince Harry wore a torn cloth.

Shame as Harry Wore Torn Cloth and Meghan Wore Rumpled Pants

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were driven the 27 miles from their UK base at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor to Euston in a hybrid electric Range Rover – a journey taking about an hour – before walking into the railway station.

The couple had earlier been seen grinning at each other when leaving Frogmore as they were photographed for the first time on their return to the UK before beginning their short European tour in the North West of England.

The Sussexes were accompanied by two bodyguards and followed by another Range Rover as they were driven out of the grounds of Windsor Castle, ahead of Meghan making her first speech to a British crowd since Megxit.



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  1. Really? Trying riding in a car for an hour, and see if your pants can stay wrinkle free!! Also try putting on a sport jacket and see if you can keep your shirt tucked in!! Simple explanations if someone cared to try a little harder to use their common sense!! You people like to stir up crap, which only make you look stupid!!

  2. Simple explanation if you cared to use your common sense! Ride in a car for an hour, and see just how wrinkle free your pants are! Try putting on a sports jacket without your shirt coming untucked a little bit!! Stories like these only make you people look stupid!!

  3. This is the Dumbest article I e ever read. News flash, everyone’s trousers (they’re not jeans) get wrinkled after a car ride! Harry’s shirt is not ripped, it came untucked. What a pathetic attempt to be “news worthy”.



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