Girl dies of heart attack days after being raped by 49 year old neighbor

Girl dies of heart attack days after being raped by 49 year old neighbor

A 49-year-old man, Baba Idi, allegedly raped his neighbour’s daughter, Khadija Adam, in Kano State and threatened to kill the girl if she told anybody, only for the girl to die days later.

Father of the deceased, Adam Muhammad, said his wife discovered what had happened when she wanted to bath their daughter and saw blood coming out from her private parts.

He said, “I was not at home on that fateful day. Her mother, while bathing her, saw blood coming out from her body.

“When she asked her what happen to her, she mentioned our neighbour, Idi, known as Baba Idi.

“She pleaded with her mother not to tell anyone because the suspect threatened to kill her using scissors, if she told anybody.

“This is an act of inhumanity for a neighbour to commit this act. All I need is justice,” Adam told reporters on Monday, October 3.

He stated that the case had been transfered to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Bompai.

The mother of the deceased, Jamila Adam, is asking for justice to prevail.

“After she narrated to me what Baba Idi did to her, she pleaded with me that I should not tell anybody because he said he will kill her.

“We were at Bompai for identification. She was so frightened when the suspect was brought out from the cell. Immediately after she sighted Baba Idi, she started shivering, she became so hysterical and began screaming, calling his name, that he will kill her.

“She was in severe pain, her health condition worsened and she kept on calling his name, Baba Idi. We rushed her to the hospital, but she gave up the ghost before reaching there,” she said.

The mother added that when the doctor examined her, they said that she died of a heart attack.

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