Instagram deactivates Hushpuppi’s verified account

Instagram deactivates Hushpuppi's verified account

The verified Instagram account of internet fraudster, Hushpuppi has been deactivated. Hushpuppi, also known as Ramon Abbas is a Nigerian fraudster, who is currently facing trial in the United States for international crime.

The case and publicity involving Hushpuppy first became widely known in 2020, after he was arrested in Dubai in the month of June by the joint team of the United states FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the Dubai police.

He was arrested on the charges of internet fraud, hacking, impersonation, bank fraud and even identity theft. After his arrest, he was transported to the United States where he currently undergoing trial.

Even though he was arrested, he was still allowed to post videos and imaged on his Instagram page on the account that he does not represent individuals or organizations that are deemed dangerous and shady.

Recently, the decision to allow him to continue using his Instagram account was reviewed, and thus, his account was deactivated. As of this moment, his online presence on Instagram has been cut short and his name will no longer come up on the search engine of the platform.

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