Bobrisky and James Brown clash at an event

Bobrisky and James Brown clash at an event

Nigerian popular crossdressers Bobrisky and James Brown have taken to social media to drag each other mercilessly.

The crossdressers both met at an owambe event in Lagos, which ended with Bobrisky blowing hot. In the video, James Brown was seen approaching Bobrisky to pay his respects but was snubbed.

While the main reason why Bobrisky flared up is not exactly known, the anger was clearly taken out and transferred to James Brown. On watching the video, several members of the public had a lot to say.

Also present in the event was social media influencer Papaya Ex. James Brown was in her company before he approached Bobrisky, his senior colleague to pay his respects.

In a full traditional outfit, James reportedly went on his knees to pay his respects but was snubbed and told off by Bobrisky. Watch video below.

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