Family Monopoly Game Night Turns Violent Man In US Fires Shots After Heated Argument


A family game night in Tulsa turned violent and led to an assault charge because of argument.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, officers responded to a call of shots fired at a home on Saturday evening.

Police said a family was playing Monopoly when a fight broke out between John Armstrong and his stepfather.

The family had been drinking alcohol and playing Monopoly when a fight broke out between John Armstrong and his stepfather.

After knocking over the Monopoly board and turning over furniture, another family member told Armstrong and his stepfather to take the fight outside,” police said.

In the process, Mr. Armstrong got a cut on the hand, which infuriated him more. He pulled out a gun and chased his stepfather and stepsister down the street, pointing the weapon at them.

Soon after, the stepsister called 911 and complained that he fired a shot at her and her father. Thankfully, no one was injured by the shot.

The two went outside, where Armstrong pulled out a pistol and chased his stepfather and stepsister down the street at gunpoint, police said. Armstrong admitted to firing one round.

It was reported that, when the police arrived, officers could not find the gun, saying that they believe Mr Armstrong hid it in the house before surrendering. He was subsequently arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

The police also found the Monopoly money and game pieces scattered around the living room. “We don’t know if it was about game pieces, play money, real money, but something set him off.”

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