Hunter shot dead by his pet dog

Hunter shot dead by his pet dog

A Turkish man was reportedly shot dead by his dog during a hunting trip. The man, Gevrekoglu, was said to be putting his pet dog in the car after hunting , when the dog’s paw touched the trigger of the loaded gun, thereby causing it to fire and kill hos owner.

The deceased was a 32 year-old man named Ozgur Gevrekoglu, and he had gone hunting with his pet dog and four of his friends to the mountains of Alacam in the province of Samsun, on the Black sea coast.

The sad incident happened after the hunt, as the deceased was packing up to go back home. Sadly, his dog touching the trigger of his still-loaded gun caused the gun to fire to his stomach. He died before paramedics got to him.

Before his death, Ozgur just became a father two weeks prior, and was known to be a lover of dogs as well as passionate hunter. This was proved by the numerous pictures of him found on social media with the birds he had hunted down in his hunting gear.

Some media outlets in Turkey do not believe that the dog was the cause of Ozgur’s death, as they believe it was a cover up story. Nonetheless, the victim has been pronounced dead and there have not been any evidence of foul play.

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