Is NATO possibly walking into Putin’s trap in Ukraine


Putin invading Ukraine means Putin scores an own goal … shoots himself in the foot.

Putin has walked into a trap — of his own devising. Winning a war always seems easy until you actually fight it, Joshua P. Hill explains the trap Putin sets for himself

He’s already finding his vast war machine bogged down by the determined opposition of the Ukrainians. He’ll win — his numbers guarantee that — but the cost he pays in lives and treasure will be a lot higher than what he bargained for.

He’ll then have to face an insurgency — and insurgencies aren’t easy to put down. He could end up in an Afghanistan situation of eternal warfare, or a Chechnya situation in which to achieve victory, the whole country has to be leveled.

His country will face ruinous sanctions.He’s breathed new life into NATO, with even friendly nations like Germany cutting economic ties, sending aid, bolstering their own armed forces.

And in general, he and his country are becoming international pariahs. I’ve seldom seen the world so united in revulsion.

And what, exactly, will he get out of this? A puppet government in a country that was no threat to him in the first place?

In Putin’s attempt to display the strengths of Russia and his government, he has achieved the opposite and all what people could see are weaknesses and limitations of Putin and his government.

The fear factor that was once breathing is no longer there.

NATO is practically winning Russia by doing nothing. It is the other way around; Putin walked into NATO’s trap.

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