Putin’s ‘Personal’ Priest Makes Extraordinary Plea To End Ukraine War

Putin's 'Personal' Priest Makes Extraordinary Plea To End Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin’s personal confessor has called for the invasion of Ukraine to end as he branded the war an “unprecedented tragedy”. Metropolitan Tikhon Shevkunov is a Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church and is renowned for his close relationship with President Putin.

Shevkunov, who is often referred to as the Russian President’s spiritual adviser, described Ukrainians and Russians as “brothers” and declared the two nations “need” to find peace.

During an interview with Russian media, Shevkunov proclaimed: “We must speak about what we wake up with, what’s in our heads all day long, and what we go to bed with – it’s Ukraine.

“There is no doubt we are living through an unprecedented tragedy, a fateful stage in the life of our people, our country and Ukraine.

“How will it end? We shall pray that, of course, it should end with peace, and safely. Everyone is calling for peace now.”

He described the close historical ties between the Ukrainian and Russian populations, declaring the two nations to be “brothers”.

“We need peace by the will of God, to resolve this issue, battles, hatred between brothers, even though they don’t want to call us brothers now,” Shevkunov said.

“We understand they are brothers, and not long ago they did call us brothers.”

He outlined his belief that “only God Almighty” truly had the power to resolve the conflict after nearly nine months of bloodshed.

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