The US accidentally sends a nuke to Moscow tomorrow. If Russia knew it was an honest mistake, would they nuke US back anyway


Russia Invasion – If it is really accidental, then one nuke would be sent which in case the Moscow anti-ballistic missile system would intercept it, relations will sour for a while but no war will be declared.

Should US accidentally sends simultaneous nuclear weapons headed in Moscow’s direction, enough so the anti-ballistic missile system can’t intercept all of them, then it would no longer be seen as “accidental” any longer and Russia will become an enemy. Alejandro Herńandez said.

But will Russia nuke the U.S. back?

All major cities in the United States have missile protection and in case one falls, another city can take its place as the new capital.

Washington D.C. was never the most important city, it was chosen as the capital to fool the British into believing that it was their most important city to defend their important cities.

The most important cities now are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, each of these four cities are far away from each other.

If Russia splits its attack, it is less likely to hit and if it concentrates its attack on only one area, the counterattack from the other US cities would be catastrophic.

– Russian force

According to the list of largest cities which lists the 81 cities with a population over 5 million, the U.S. has 9 while Russia has 2, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If the 100 biggest cities are counted, the U.S. would have 12 while Russia will still have 2.

And if Russia loses both they would be in serious trouble.

But if the U.S. “accidentally” sent multiple nukes to Moscow, Russia will sue the U.S. to the International Court of Justice to pay for the damage and the U.N. will demand to dismantle or repair faulty nuclear accidents.

If the U.S. doesn’t oblige, then the whole world will see the U.S. as the biggest threat to world peace and the aggressor nation and will form a coalition to be ready to stop or counter its “accidental” nuclear holocaust and a reluctant WW III would begin.

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