US considering sending long-range rockets for Ukraine as arms supplies dwindle

US considering sending long-range rockets for Ukraine as arms supplies dwindle

The United States is considering sending long-range rockets to Ukraine as arm supplies dwindle. Since the invasion of Russia into Ukraine, there has been an increase in the demand of American-made weapons and arms for the supply to Kyiv.

Presently, the Pentagon in US is considering supplying cheap, small precision bombs to Ukraine. The precision bombs are fitted onto rockets, and allows Kyiv to strike far into Russian lines.

This consideration and proposal are in line with the fact that there is a struggle to meet up with the demand for weapons to help in the war. The inventories of the US and allied military are fast dwindling, and there is need for more sophisticated weapons and arms in Ukraine as the war continues.

There is also an increase in demand for arms from the US allies in Eastern Europe for their supply to Ukraine. Fortunately, the exit of US from Afghanistan left several air dropped bombs available, however they cannot be easily used with the type of aircraft the Ukrainians have. This is another reason why the US is looking for ways to convert them to a standoff capability.

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