What is the white dotted fur one sees around the base of British Monarch’s crown?

What is the white dotted fur one sees around the base of British Monarch's crown

Anyone who has seen official photos of any monarch of the British Royal Family in ceremonial robes or attire must have probably seen the white dotted fur on the crown or as a part of the robe.

This fur comes from the winter coat of the Ermine, a weasel that has been associated and viewed as a symbol for royalty, not just for the British Royal Family, but in several other countries.

The Ermine is a cute little weasel that has become highly sought after for royal presentations in several countries. The fur of this animal is currently seen as a projection of power and wealth.

British Monarchs going as far back as King Henry VIII wore the fur of Ermine as part of their ceremonial robe. Queen Elizabeth I had a pet Ermine herself to show just how valued and revered the animal is.

The Ermine is a little furry short-tailed weasel called a stoat. During the summer periods, its fur is brown in colour, and it looks somewhat like a squirrel. Meanwhile, during the winter period, its fur changes to a snowy white that has become the symbol of royalty. The spots in the Ermine fur comes from the black spot on the tip of its tail.

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