What would you do if you ran into Barrack Obama?

What would you do if you ran into Barrack Obama?

Former US president Barack Obama is probably the most beloved former US president. While his tenure was a huge success especially for People of Colour, he won the hearts of several citizens and residents when he finally had to hand over to someone else.

Obama’s success goes beyond the US as people all over the world love him. Although he is originally from Kenya, Obama would always be remembered as the first black US president, and possibly the coolest one.

While he is loved onscreen, a lot of people wonder what it will be like if he was met in person. We all know how some or most celebrities tend to be unfriendly when you meet them in person even if they are loved for what they do, for the same reason, we often wonder the same thing with the former US president.

People who have had the privilege of meeting him in person have testified to how wonderful he is in person. For one thing, he is said to have a great sense of humour.

So what can you do when you actually get the chance to meet him in person. One thing I would advice you to do when you meet the former president is to be yourself. Be natural, be cool. He is still human after all.

It might be hard to stay natural when you are standing in front of a public figure like Obama, but he would probably understand and help set your mind at ease given the kind of person he seems to be.

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