Would NATO still be able to defeat Russia in a conventional war even without the U.S.


In the words of Mats Andersson, where he provided insights to the question in a succinct manner explains,

Money isn’t everything, but the UK, France, and Germany each have a military budget comparable to Russia’s.

Italy and Canada together are comparable to Russia, as are Turkey, Spain, and the Netherlands taken together.

NATO already up to 5 times Russia’s military budget, and 3 times the population. Never mind the entire economy. And we haven’t even bothered to add in the smaller countries—and in this context, Poland is “smaller”, with the same population as Ukraine but twice the military budget.

And we haven’t deducted Russia’s corruption, obsolete equipment, and general incompetence.

We’re still assuming that Russia has modern equipment and competent soldiers, while reality has shown that they are crap soldiers and now they even have to buy their own fucking uniforms, and beg their wives for tampons in case they get wounded, and units have refused to fight unless they get water to drink.

Yes, Russia would be annihilated in a very short time. Even without the US.

They’re being totally ragged by Ukraine; they’d have twice the trouble with Poland while the rest of European NATO was still drinking their coffee.

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