King Charles Will ‘Close The Door’ On Prince Harry If He Criticizes Camilla

King Charles Will ‘Close The Door’ On Prince Harry If He Criticizes Camilla

King Charles will ‘close the door’ on Prince Harry if he criticizes Camilla in his new book Spare, a royal expert has warned.

The royals are preparing for the controversial publication of the 416-page title on January 10.

Royal author Phil Dampier believes the king is determined to support his son but says there is a “red line”.

If the Duke of Sussex is “too critical of Camila” or “blames Carlos too much”, the “point of no return” will pass.

“I’m sure it’s right for Charles to go out of his way to maintain a relationship with Harry, but there is a limit,” Dampier said. The express.

King Charles would practically forgive Harry for anything except dragging Camilla through the mud.

“If Harry’s account of his parents’ divorce is too critical of Camilla, or blames Charles too much while painting his mother as a saint, that will be the point of no return.”

King Charles Will ‘Close The Door’ On Prince Harry If He Criticizes Camilla

‘At that point, what sanctions are offered? What choice do they have but to say, “Okay, you’ve crossed a line here and there’s no going back. It’s time to go your own way, but not like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

Dampier has previously argued that Harry and Meghan’s breakup with William and Kate will “get worse” now that the Queen is gone.

A promotional trailer posted online on the second day of the Prince and Princess of Wales’s high-profile US visit dashed any hopes that the Sussexes would declare a ceasefire in their bitter battle with the Royal family.

Dampier said the nature of the announcement suggested: “the rift between the brothers is getting much worse and there is no reconciliation in sight.”

“Any hope that they will put aside their differences for the sake of the family unit is fading fast,” he wrote in the express. ‘With [the Queen] He’s gone; the gloves are off.

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