Kylie Jenner Wears Lion Head Dress At The Schiaparelli Fashion Show In Paris 

Kylie Jenner Wears Lion Head Dress At The Schiaparelli Fashion Show In Paris 

Kylie Jenner walked at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Show at Paris Fashion Week and made sure to turn everyone’s heads.

The billionaire walked the ramp in a black gown and carried a lifelike lion’s head on her shoulders. The brand took to its Instagram handle to mention that it is made from “foam, wool, and silk faux fur, and hand-painted to look as life-like as possible.”

To make things clearer, it also added a disclaimer in all Caps at the end of the caption that read, “NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN MAKING THIS LOOK.”

Kylie Jenner also took to Instagram and shared photos from the event, captioning the post, “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”. She thanked Daniel Rose Berry, the creative director, and designer for Schiaparelli for the experience. She made sure to mention that her outfit was a “faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials.”

As soon as pictures from the fashion show surfaced on social media, Kylie Jenner’s outfit elicited a lot of reactions from fans online, with many criticizing the choice.

One user took to Schiaparelli’s Instagram post to express her opinion in a nuanced manner. Her comment read, “We have to stop showing animals as luxury ‘products’. They may be made from foam but these are endangered species that have historically been killed for their pelts to be turned into garments.”

Another user wrote under Kylie’s post, “Animals are not fashion accessories!”. A third netizen wrote that Kylie is “encouraging poaching”.

Kylie Jenner Wears Lion Head Dress At The Schiaparelli Fashion Show In Paris 

Despite facing criticism and backlash from fans, Kylie Jenner’s Schiaparelli gown received a different reaction from PETA’s president Ingrid Newkirk. In fact, Newkirk praised Kylie’s look as they told TMZ, “These fabulously innovative three-dimensional animal heads show that where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

She also mentioned that Kylie Jenner’s look might be a statement against trophy hunting, “in which lion families are torn apart to satisfy human egotism.” It must be noted that Jenner has been called out in the past for wearing real fur.

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