Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband accused her of using Scientology ‘Fair Game’ against him in a bitter court


Lockwood says ex-wife is using Scientology ‘Fair Game’ tactics,where an ‘enemy may be lied to, cheated, tricked, or destroyed by any means’ to avoid paying $40k a month child support, papers filed just before her death reveal.

Lisa Marie Presley’s long-time Scientologist counselor has accused the late singer’s mother Priscilla of using Scientology to control her troubled daughter’s behavior problems, reported.

Lisa Marie was raised in the Church of Scientology where her mother Priscilla has been a long-time member. Lisa Marie was allegedly in and out of the religion over the years and had issues with the leader.

Lockwood, a musician who was Presley’s fourth husband, lost his 2016 bid in their divorce to undo their prenup, but he reopened the case in 2021.In court papers he demanded that she pay $40,000 a month in child support and claimed she was hiding her assets.

The latest filing was added to the court docket in Los Angeles on December 28 when Lockwood accused Presley of using ‘shell companies’ to hide her assets.

Lockwood, who has custody of the twins, included a bill from his lawyers Yanny & Smith which ran to $48,000 to show how expensive it had been to battle with Presley.

He wrote: ‘I have had to change attorneys more than three times, and I still owe my prior attorneys for my invoices that I do not know how I will ever be able to pay and may have to discharge in bankruptcy.

‘With this history, I have incurred over a million dollars in legal fees. I have incurred well over 400-500 thousand dollars just fighting the malicious frivolous and false allegations against me in both dependency court and before this court.’

This is exactly what Petitioner has tried to do. She has put me in debt, defamed me, tried to take my children away from me, and it is now that I am finally restoring my name and relationship with my children after many years of alienation and ‘Fair Game’ tactics’.

Lisa Marie claimed in 2017 that she discovered ‘disturbing and inappropriate photographs of children on Lockwood’s computer.

‘I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach. My understanding is that Tennessee law enforcement is also conducting an investigation related to the photos and videos that I discovered. Lockwood was never charged.c

Daily Mail spoke to Karen De La Carriere, an ex-Scientologist who worked as Lisa Marie’s counselor in the church and revealed all about her. Karen was a member of the church for 35 years until leaving in 2010.

Karen said that Lisa was traumatized after discovering Elvis’ dead body at 9. She said Priscilla joined the church after John Travolta persuaded her after Elvis’ death.

Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley married in 2006 and had twin daughters in 2008 – before splitting in 2016 in a bitter divorce. They are pictured in 2015
In court papers filed last month, now-bearded Lockwood demanded that Presley pay $40,000 a month in child support and claimed she was hiding her assets. He is pictured immediately after Lisa Marie’s death

After joining, Karen said Priscilla often used the church to control Lisa Marie’s behavior during her troubled childhood. She claimed the two had a ‘hostile’ relationship.

In her interview, Karen said a young Lisa Marie was placed into ‘obedience therapy.’

Presley died last Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest at the $4million Calabasas home she shared with first husband Danny Keough. Her 14-year-old twins Finley and Harper Lockwood and her daughter Riley Keough, 33, are refusing to return there because they are so traumatized by her death.

‘Priscilla then dominated poor Lisa. She grew up as a little princess. She was the daughter of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, living in luxury. But she had misery because she and her mother were adversaries,’ she said.

‘Whatever her mother wanted was the opposite of what Lisa wanted.’

A representative for Scientology told Daily Mail they do not comment on ‘parishioner counseling’ but said the church had a nice relationship.

Lisa Marie died last week after suffering cardiac arrest at her home in Calabasas, California. Her ex-husband Danny Keough, who had been living with her for months, attempted to perform CPR until emergency responders arrived. Lisa Marie was pronounced dead hours later.

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