Aussie adult film star breaks silence after ‘almost dying’ in intense scene


Australian porn star, Angela White has thrown cold water on rumours she ‘almost died’ while filming an intense sex scene with fellow porn star Keiran Lee.

This comes after adult entertainer, Keiran, 39, recently made headlines when he claimed Angela, 37, was rushed to hospital with a burst appendix after they filmed an hour-long sex scene in 2013, during an interview with the Pillow Talk podcast in February.

‘I put her into hospital and this was actually not on purpose,’ he had said.

‘We were shooting content and… we were going at it for over an hour. After that, I’m like, “See you, sweetheart. [Have a] lovely day.”‘

‘I found out two days later she’d gone back home to Australia. She said her stomach was hurting, and she had to go see a doctor.

‘Apparently her appendix burst in the scene, which could have killed her,’ he explained.

Speaking on the Only Stans podcast with Glenny Balls this week, Angela said reports of the incident had been ‘blown way out of proportion’.

‘My appendix actually did not burst, but it is true I had appendicitis and did have to have emergency surgery to have it removed,’ she clarified.

Appendicitis refers to a condition where the appendix is inflamed, with symptoms including severe abdominal pain, fever, chills and weakness.

Picture below: Keiran (pictured with wife Kirsten Price)

While Keiran was under the impression his large manhood was the cause of her injury, Angela insisted her condition was ‘likely a pure coincidence’.

‘There is no medical evidence to suggest his giant d**k was pummeling my organs,’ she said.

She joked that Keiran’s nine-and-a-half-inch penis, which is reportedly insured for $1million, may not have done lasting damage, but it did ‘reach organs that shouldn’t be reached’.

She added: ‘But there’s more room in there, now that [my appendix] has been removed! There’s a lot more room to accommodate.’

It comes after Keiran alleged he was the cause of Angela’s infamous appendix injury during an interview with the Pillow Talk podcast in February.

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